Allied Surname DNA Projects
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Affleck Surname DNA Project
Byres Surname DNA Project
Cobb Surname DNA Project
Crawford Surname DNA Project
Deuchar Surname DNA Project
Downie/Downey Surname DNA Project
Fotheringham Surname DNA Project
Rhind Surname DNA Project
Summers Surname DNA Project

Ronald Gerald Lindsay


Allied Family Surname DNA Projects

There are nine family surnames (Affleck, Byres, Cobb, Crawford, Deuchar, Downie, Fotheringham, Rhind & Summers) that are officially allied with the Scottish Lindsay surname.

Provision has been made at this web site to provide a portal to reference the DNA Projects, if they exist, for each of these allied family surnames.

If you wish to see how these great surnames became affiliated with the Lindsay surname, see Allied Surnames .

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