Bibliotheca Lindesiana
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Bibliotheca Lindesiana

Bibliotheca Lindesiana is the 4-Volume Catalog and Bookplate Name of the great library created initially by the Lindsay family at Balcarres in the late 16th century.  It was significantly enhanced by Alexander William Crawford Lindsay (1812-1880), 25th Earl of Crawford & 8th Earl of Balcarres and his son James Ludovic Lindsay, the 26th Earl of Crawford, with the number of books eventually reaching almost 200,000 volumes.  

Alexander William Crawford Lindsay was also the author of the famous 3-volume, "Lives of the Lindsays", first published in 1840.

Parts of the great library were housed at the various Lindsay estates at Balcarres in Fife, Dunecht House in Aberdeenshire and at Haigh Hall, near Wigan, Lancashire.

A photocopy of the bookplate used for this great collection of books is shown in the graphic at the far right.

The research for this Lindsay entity is still underway.  More information will be added soon.