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The Crawford surname descends from the Barony of Crawford in the upper ward of Clydesdale, Scotland.   It has been stated that in 1248, Sir John of that ilk died leaving 2 daughters, of whom the elder married Archibald de Douglas, and the younger married David Lindsay of Wauchopedale.  David Lindsay is one of the ancestors of the Earls of Crawford and Balcarres.

The tartan of the Crawford surname is shown in the upper right of this screen.

More on the history of the Crawford surname and its affiliation with the Lindsay surname is being researched and will be posted as it evolves.

The Crawfords have recently published a book entitled "The House of Crawford: Collected Articles on Our History, Genealogy, Heraldry and Y-DNA".  It is available at Amazon.

If there are those who have more details on the origin of the Crawford surname and wish to share it, send a note to Joe Lindsey with details.


If you wish to visit the Crawford Surname web site, click on Crawford Web Site.

If you wish to get more information regarding participation in the Crawford Surname DNA Project, click on this link.