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Ronald Gerald Lindsay


International Lindsay* Surname DNA Project

 The International Lindsay Surname DNA Project commenced in June 2001.  Since that time, the convergence of genetics & genealogy has, without doubt, revolutionized the traditional tried and tested methods previously available to the family historian.  While we are aware the Y-Chromosome DNA will not directly provide us with the names of any of our specific ancestors, it has demonstrated that it can establish, without any doubt, those Lindsay lineages that share a common paternal ancestor somewhere in the near term past.  This achievement has inserted new life into previously stalled family history studies.  Here in the Fall of 2016, the International Lindsay Surname DNA Project is still going strong with over 290 worldwide participants.

Although I had read numerous population migration studies over the previous two years, it was in October 2000 when I became fully aware of the relatively  new application of DNA testing as it pertains to the genealogical pursuit.  Then on December 5, 2000 I received an e-mail from Dr. Ann Turner, List Administrator for the RootsWeb Genealogy-DNA forum, inviting me to participate in that on-line discussion group. My life in retirement has not been the same since.

The stated purpose and goal, of the International Lindsay Surname DNA Project, is to perform Y-Chromosome DNA tests on a representative international group of males bearing the Lindsay surname in order to reliably establish the Lindsay haplotype (s) for each of the lineages and determine which of the Lindsay lineages share a common ancestor.

The evolving conclusions drawn from the data found in the International Lindsay Surname Haplotype Database can be found in the sub-sections designated as Lindsay DNA Groups 1-22 found at the International Lindsay Surname Haplotype Database page.  It is anticipated that the database will continue to grow and hopefully at some point we will be able to easily match any Lindsay (how ever spelled) male who is DNA tested with other well documented Lindsay lineages that already exist in the International Lindsay Surname Haplotype Database.

In addition to the specifics related to the International Lindsay Surname DNA Project, the various topics, found in this section, will provide a general background of the primary technology developments in the field of DNA testing that are most relevant to the family historian and the field of genealogy.  Within this subject matter, external web links are frequently offered to other web sites that will provide more detailed scientific and technical information for those who desire a greater depth in the material presented here regarding the fascinating field of molecular genetics and genetic genealogy.

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* It has been established that the use of the Lindsay surname, throughout this web site, implies all the accepted different spellings of the surname found in the Orthography section of this web site.  


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