Lindsay Surname Haplotype Database
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Ronald Gerald Lindsay


 International Lindsay* Surname Haplotype Database

FTDNA is the exclusive support lab** for the Lindsay International Surname DNA Project (LISDNAP).  As a value-added service they provide basic web hosting for the various projects

  • Surname Projects, 

  • Haplogroup Projects, 

  • Geographical Projects, 

  • etc.  

The Lindsay Surname Project at FTDNA holds the on-going repository for all our Y-DNA results:

(This is intended to be illustrative only.  The majority of results are not visible except to account holders.)

Because the LISDNAP had a history before joining FTDNA, this page at will retain the previous results up through the original 205 members.  These mostly low resolution results are not in the database at FTDNA and so are not visible on their website, but the data is valid and potentially useful.  

Besides maintaining the previous data, the respective DNA Group pages here at will be available for the discretionary use of the individual Group Leaders for the publication of their analytics, which may include data derived from the established repository at FTDNA and enriched in whatsoever way may benefit the group in terms of their collaboration and the communication of their story.

**see the posting of April 27, 2014 in [News].


The composite DNA marker data, for the current 205 participants in the International Lindsay* Surname DNA Project, can be viewed by clicking on Composite Data.

This March 16, 2010 update to the content of the International Lindsay* Surname Haplotype Database includes the following changes.

(1) the addition of twenty-three (23) new participants, L0183 thru L0205.

(2) As of October 1, 2009, our laboratory, DNA Heritage, in compliance with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards, changed their method of accounting for the allele value of Y-chromosome marker, Y-GATA-H4.1.   All the previous allele values, previously defined by the DNA Heritage laboratory, for marker Y-GATA-H4.1, was reduced by ten (-10).  The March 16, 2010 web site update for the International Lindsay Surname DNA Project incorporated this change in all our spreadsheet data.  Since it was applied equally to all 205 of the Lindsay DNA participants, there will be no change in previously define DNA Group relationships.

The International Lindsay* Surname Haplotype Database spreadsheet is composed of the original 26 Y-chromosome STR markers (markers 1 thru 26).  The database also includes the additional 17 markers (markers 27 thru 43) as a result of the high-resolution 43-marker upgrade test.  The order in which the 43 markers are listed in the spreadsheet will remain as seen since some of our earlier project participants may not choose to test for the expanded 43 markers.

Markers number 44 and 45 have been added to the chart in the rare instance when marker DYS464 has six allele values instead of the usual four allele values (see DNA Group 7 & DNA Group 15).  An additional column has also been added to accommodate the rarely found at DYS459c (see DNA Group 15).

For the time being, I will continue to use the original 26 markers, for the purpose of comparing individual DNA profiles, for placement in one of the established DNA Groupings (1-17) except where the high-resolution 43 markers are available.  According to the current guidelines, a participant must match another participant with three or less (out of 26 markers), one-step, marker mismatches, in order to be declared as having the potential of sharing a common ancestor within the time frame whereby surnames had become common practice.  If the comparison is based on the 43 markers, the grouping will be determined by participants with four or less marker mismatches.

The spreadsheets of this database will be updated, at periodic intervals, as additional Lindsay* participants are tested.

If you believe your specific Lindsay* genealogical lineage intersects with one or more of the lineages that make up a particular DNA Grouping (1 thru 17), then your DNA haplotype/profile should be a close match (four or fewer mismatches out of 43 markers) with these participants.

If you are a female, descending from a Lindsay* lineage, it will be necessary, since we test DNA markers found only on the Y-chromosome, that you identify a male participant for testing, bearing the Lindsay* surname descending from your specific Lindsay* lineage.  

A word of caution!  There are several DNA Laboratories in the United States and abroad that offer a slate of Y-chromosome DNA markers for the family genealogist. In order to be able to compare 100% of your Lindsay/Lindsey Y-chromosome DNA results to all the other Lindsay* DNA participants who have already been tested, it will be necessary for you to be tested for the same slate of 43 or 111 Y-chromosome markers used by this Lindsay* DNA Project.  Thus I strongly encourage you to use this Project for any Lindsay* genealogical DNA testing that you might consider.

There is only one way to confirm your DNA relationship with the other Lindsays* in this database.  Click here to  Sign up today to be DNA tested !

To view the genealogical analysis and conclusion statements based on the DNA data found in this database, click on the individual DNA Groups 1 thru 17, that have been developed thus far from the testing and analysis, and found in the navigation bar in the upper left of this screen.

Refer to the Merged R1b DNA Groups, found near the bottom of the navigation bar in the upper left of this screen, to see the merged DNA Groupings that is composed of all the Lindsay* DNA participants who belong to the R1b, "deep ancestry", haplogroup.


* It has been established that the use of the Lindsay surname, throughout this web site, implies all the accepted different spellings of the surname found in the Orthography section of this web site.  

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