Lewis Pennington Lindsay, NC
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Lewis Pennington Lindsay Lineage

It is a known fact that the lineage of Lewis Pennington Lindsay of Johnston County, North Carolina is related to the lineage of Thomas Lindsay (b.?, d.1839 NC) of Sampson County, North Carolina.  The question is how??  I have provided a graphic below to show this lineage and what is currently known about it.

The interest here is twofold.  First is to ascertain the name of Lewis Pennington Lindsay's father.  If this can be achieved, it is believed that we will then be able to determine the name of the common ancestor for Lewis Pennington Lindsay and that of Thomas Lindsay ( ? - 1839).

Second interest is to determine if there are any living male heirs to this lineage who would be willing to be DNA tested to help prove this relationship.  The only possibilities for living males of this lineage is believed to be through the descendants of John Noel Lindsay or Walter Deems Lindsay.

Other details that are currently known: John Noel Lindsay was the chief of police for the town of Snow Hill, North Carolina (Greene County).  Walter Deems Lindsay lived for some part of his life in Columbia, South Carolina.

If you can provide any help with the ancestry or descendants of Lewis Pennington Lindsay, please send a note to Ron Lindsay

Page Initially Posted: May 2, 2003
Page last Updated: March 8, 2010

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