Lindsays of Goshen, Sampson County, NC
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The Lindsays of Goshen Lineage

This group of Lindsays was, for the most part, born and raised in the Sampson County geography of North Carolina.  They have been dubbed the Lindsays of Goshen.  Goshen is a geographic notation for the area near Newton Grove, North Carolina where these early families lived.  This genealogy has been researched for over 40 years with the immigrant ancestor still unknown.  Place markers have been optimistically attached to the first five generations shown below that are yet to be named for lack of appropriate citations.

This lineage of Lindsays are a part of DNA Group 3 and are a part of the "deep ancestry" haplogroup R1b.

1.0. Thomasís GGGGrandfather?

1.0.1.   Thomasís GGGrandfather?  Thomasís GGrandfather? Thomasís Grandfather?  Thomasís Father?  Thomas Lindsay, b. circa 1800, d. 1839, Sampson County, North Carolina, married Elizabeth Vann  Caroline (Polly) Lindsay, b. 1834 Sampson County, North Carolina  John Devane Lindsay, 1835 - 1914, Sampson County, North Carolina, married Sallie Sutton Thomas Kenan Lindsay, 1861 - 1937 Sampson & Wayne Counties, North Carolina, married (1) Mary Andrews (2) Martha V. Jordan Disey Elizabeth Lindsay, 1862 - 1901, Sampson County, North Carolina, married James William Andrews Joanna Devane Lindsay, 1864 - 1938 Sampson & Harnett Counties, North Carolina, married Henry Graham Sutton Robert William Lindsay, 1868 - 1928 North Carolina, married Mary Olivia Costin Algia Arcastus Lindsay, 1873 - 1947, Sampson County, North Carolina, married Lona Franklin Weeks Egbert Newton Lindsay, 1895 - 1983 Sampson County, North Carolina, married (1) Ida Mae Sutton (2) Mary Belle Marshburn Dennis Oliver Lindsay, 1898 - 1982 Sampson County, North Carolina, married May Pearl Sutton Addest Lutrell Lindsay, 1900 - 1988 Sampson and Wayne Counties, North Carolina, married Mary Margie Baggett Sally Evoline Lindsay, 1901 NC - 1990 VA, married Henry Baggett Martin Luther Lindsay, 1906 - 1976 Sampson County, North Carolina, married Mildred Andrews Algia Clarence Lindsay, 1908 - 1977 Sampson County, North Carolina, married Bessie Ruth Bass Jimmie Devane Lindsay, 1912 - 1978 Sampson & Duplin Counties, North Carolina, married Beadie Elizabeth Kennedy Floyd Elbert Lindsay, 1915 - 1996 Sampson County, North Carolina, married Gladys Laylon Warren Mary (Betsy) Lindsay, b. 1839 Sampson County, North Carolina, never married.

*The D'Aboville Genealogical Numbering System was used to format this Lindsay family lineage.

Owner of the Lindsays of Goshen lineage: Ron Lindsay, San Jose, CA

Data Initially Posted: January 4, 2002
Latest Revision Dated:  April 8, 2010