Lindsays of Guilford County, NC
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The Lindsays of Guilford County, NC

The Lindsays of Guilford County, North Carolina have been thoroughly documented by the publication in 1976 of the "Gray Family and Allied Lines", authored by Jo White Linn.

The International Lindsay Surname DNA Project was initiated in the year 2001 and thus far two male descendants of these Guilford County Lindsays have been DNA tested.  These individuals have been placed into the DNA Group 1.  See  Page one for the text and Page two for the DNA Group 1 data.

Robert Lindsay (ca 1740 VA - 1801 NC) first married Elizabeth Mebane and produced two children, John and Elizabeth.  Robert Lindsay's second marriage was to Ann Nancy McGee June 23, 1772 and produced seven additional children.  The graphic below provides the known lines of initial descent from Robert Lindsay (ca 1740 VA - 1801 Guilford County, NC) and his two wives.


This research is still underway and more will be added to this web page soon.