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University of Oxford

The Oxford Genetic Atlas Project could be of interest to all those of Scottish/ British ancestry.  This project is under the direction of Dr. Bryan Sykes.

Dr. Bryan Sykes
Cellular Genetics Group
Institute of Molecular Medicine
University of Oxford
OX3 9DS, England

Polymorphisms in mitochondrial genes and on the Y chromosome have been widely used to determine genetic diversity within and between human populations. The goal of the Atlas project is to characterize the genetic diversity that exists within people of the British Isles.

Shortly the project expects to complete an analyses of both mainland Scotland and Shetland.  Eventually they expect the Atlas also to cover England, Wales and Cornwall.  

Although information is limited at this time, one can learn more about this project at the web site   http://phoenix.jr2.ox.ac.uk/CGG/

The "Information Sheet" located at   http://phoenix.jr2.ox.ac.uk/CGG/atlas.htm  gives the impression that one could participate in this project, but there are no additional links nor instructions stating how this can be achieved.


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