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Lindsay* Surname DNA Project

 Register to Participate and Order your Kit

If you have read the material provided herein regarding DNA testing and the LINDSAY Surname DNA Project, if you concur with the General Project Guidelines and meet the requirements of the Specific Rules of Participation, then you can join us by ordering your test kit from FTDNA and providing your genealogical information to Lindsay International. (Lindsay International will never publish or disseminate any genealogical information associated with your full name. We have an internal system of Code numbers to reference participants without actually identifying them.) 

A discount on Y-DNA testing is provided by FTDNA to our Project members. To receive this discount, join the project first and then order your test. You can join by clicking on the link below. From the front page, click the [JOIN] button (upper right). You will be prompted to log in with your Kit-number. If you are a new tester you will not have a Kit-number yet. You’ll receive that after you place your order. So if you are new, then look below the “Don’t Have a Test? option where there is a link to Purchase a Test.

The Lindsay International Surname DNA Project concerns itself with Paternal descent. This is understood through Y-DNA testing. Choose one of the Y-DNA products, which are for male line testing. In photography, the higher the resolution, the clearer the image. Likewise here. The more markers you test (37, 67 or 111), the more clearly you’ll understand how you fit in with your genetic family. The advanced analytics conducted by the volunteer administrators at Lindsay International are generally restricted to Y-111 participants, but lower resolution testing can certainly put you into your genetic family (DNA Group) and you can upgrade at a later date. 

Take away: make sure that you order a male-only Y-DNA test, and order Y-111 if you can afford to.

Here’s the link:

Besides ordering your test kit from FTDNA, please register with Lindsay International.  Simply send us an e-mail.  Place "Registration--- International Lindsay Surname DNA Project" in the subject line, copy and paste the seven items below into your e-mail, and fill in the content. 

  1. Your full name:

  2.  E-mail address:

  3. Street Address:

  4. City/State/Postal Zip Code:

  5. Country:

  6. Telephone Number:

  7. Paternal Lindsay Genealogical Information:

In item #7, please provide at minimum three generations (yourself, your father & your paternal grandfather) of your paternal male lineage, including full name, date and place of birth, date & place of death (if applicable). If you can provide more than three generations, so much the better. This genealogical information is essential in our attempt to determine intersect points if any of the tested Lindsay lineages share a common ancestor. It will also be the starting point for investigating close genetic matches.

When your Y-DNA results come back, if you “match” one or more of the other Lindsay participants, your DNA marker data will be organized with that particular DNA Grouping at the FTDNA web site. A match is considered to occur between two participants when there is roughly 90% agreement between their alleles. At Y-37 that is taken to be 34 agreements out of 37, at Y-67 it is taken to be 61 agreements out of 67, and at Y-111 it is taken to be 101 agreements out of 111. That Grouping is your Lindsay “genetic family”. There is no guarantee that your Y-DNA will immediately match another participant, but it is likely you will. We have about 320 participants. A majority are grouped, but a few dozen are waiting for their unknown cousins to test. That cousin might be you.

Very Best Regards,.

Joseph Francis Lindsey E-Mail


* It has been established that the use of the Lindsay surname, on this form and throughout this web site, implies all the accepted spellings of the surname found in the site Orthography section.  

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