Univ. of Leicester
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University of Leicester

Dr. Jobling and his team of researchers at the University of Leicester have initiated a study entitled "Surnames and Genetic Structure: a Molecular Analysis Using Y-Chromosomal DNA Polymorphisms."  The purpose of the study is to perform Y-Chromosome tests on males of various surnames to determine how different "kinds" of Y-Chromosomes relate to different surnames.

Dr. Mark Jobling is the Principal Investigator for this project but staff member and Ph.D. student Ms. Turi King is very helpful and does most of the communicating.

Dr. Mark A. Jobling
Department of Genetics
University of Leicester
University Road
Leicester LE1 7RH

The genetic efforts at Leicester have isolated the first Y-specific minisatellite, MSY1. They are applying MSY1, which has a mutation rate of a few percent per generation, together with less rapidly mutating systems (microsatellites) in a 'genealogical' approach to Y diversity.  You can read more of the detail on this particular subject by clicking   http://www.leicester.ac.uk/genetics/maj4/project.html 

This surname study will not provide individual DNA results but will provide detail descriptions of their specific surname findings at their web site.  Dr. Jobling hopes to have preliminary results of this study by the end of 2001.

If you are interested in reading more about this study or wish to individually participate, you may want to visit the Jobling/Project web site using the following link   http://www.leicester.ac.uk/genetics/maj4/surnames.html

At the link  http://www.leicester.ac.uk/genetics/maj4/maj4.html , Dr. Jobling references an excellent list of Selected Primary Publications and Review Articles that provide a wealth of information pertaining to genetic research and the Y-Chromosome.


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